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November is American Diabetes Month.

Every 5 minutes...

2 people die of diabetes related causes, and 
16 people are newly diagnosed. 
(Source: Center for Disease Control)



The Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act (S. 1131/H.R. 2102) will give seniors access to the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP). This legislation will save our country billions of dollars and improve millions of lives by helping seniors make lifestyle changes to prevent type 2 diabetes. Please take action now and tell your legislators that the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act can help our nation’s seniors!  
People with diabetes already account for a third of Medicare spending. This legislation has the potential to slow the diabetes epidemic, which costs our nation $322 billion annually. The rising prevalence of diabetes and the increasing costs of treatment are unsustainable. Fortunately, Congress has the power to change the course of the diabetes epidemic.
Tell your legislators that America's seniors deserve better access to tools to prevent diabetes. Urge them to cosponsor the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act today! Click here to sign the petition!
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Stovy Bowlin - Advocate, American Diabetes Association

ECDA Prevention programming is delivered using the Group Lifestyle Balance (GLB), a product of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC has approved ECDA to be the only recognized provider of Group Lifestyle Balance programs in Erie County, working toward recognition as a Diabetes Prevention Center. 

Group Lifestyle Balance Participants Celebrate Graduation into Healthier Living!

  Congratulations to the graduates! These three woman made a commitment to adopting healthy eating and physical activity habits and they succeeded!! They have completed The Erie County Diabetes Association's, Group Lifestyle Balance program. During this year long journey these participants increased their physical activity levels, tracked their daily fat and calorie intake, and replaced unhealthy habits with healthy ones to gain the tools that they need to continue on the path to health and wellness. This group was small but their spirits were mighty!
"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act."
 ~Anatole France

  ECDA's Group Lifestyle Balance Program is a FREE evidence-based prevention program for those with pre-diabetes or at high risk for becoming pre-diabetic. The GLB program is designed to help participants lose weight, prevent or delay type 2 diabetes, and reduce their risk for heart  disease. To be eligible, participants must be between the ages of 18 and 74, have a body mass index of 24 or higher. Classes are offered at several locations throughout Erie County, and sessions are offered in a sequence over a 1-year period. Benefits also include increased energy and gaining a support network to support you on your way to achieve goals and maintain progress towards living a healthier life!
For more information about classes and upcoming sessions, contact Program Coordinator and
 Prevention Specialist 
Lana Kunik at (814) 454-0715 or


To assess your risk for
developing Type 2 diabetes 
 use the evaluation
questions at this link: 

Assess Your Risk NOW!


Diabetes Alert Day helps Erie community determine disease risk

Today marks National Diabetes Alert Day, and one Erie organization is helping members of the community determine their risk for type 2 diabetes. Age, weight and family medical history all play... (read more at


At ECDA, we are committed to

“Providing a lifeline…until a cure is found.”

For over 30 years we have proudly provided children and adults living in Erie County and surrounding areas with the education, support, and resources necessary for nurturing their most precious resource…health.  Our broad scope of programs and services are aimed at:

  • Raising awareness about the seriousness of diabetes and providing strategies for prevention and early diagnosis
  • Helping children adopt healthy lifestyles early in life through school-based fitness programming
  • Ensuring lifesaving diabetes care and resources are available to all people in need